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At Vibro Sepro Systems, we are one of the key manufacturers and suppliers of sifter machines including pharmaceutical sifter machines. We stand as an industry leader, catering to diverse customers and our relentless dedication is upheld by the proficiency of our team, the excellence of our products and our capability to design tailor made solutions. Our product portfolio comprises best quality vibratory sieves, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and liquid filters, all designed and manufactured to set new standards. Our customers range across numerous industries worldwide, making us a proud manufacturer and supplier.

Product introduction

A vibro sifter machine, also known as a vibrating sifter or vibro screen, is a mechanical screening device used to separate particles and powders based on their size or other physical properties. It is commonly used in various industries including pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical and cosmetic industries.

The machine consists of a vibratory motor or an eccentric weight mounted on top of the screening chamber. When the motor is activated, it causes the entire machine to vibrate, creating a multi dimensional gyratory motion. This motion helps to separate the materials based on their size and ensures efficient sieving.

The basic components of a vibro sifter machine include -

1.Screening chamber : It is the main part of the machine where the actual screening process takes place. The chamber contains a mesh screen or sieve with specific aperture sizes, allowing only particles of certain sizes to pass through.

2. Vibratory motor : The motor generates the vibrating motion necessary for the sieving process. It is typically mounted on the top or side of the screening chamber.

3. Inlet and outlet : The machine has inlets for the material to be screened and outlets for the separated fractions. The material is fed into the sifter at the inlet, and the desired particles pass through the mesh screen and exit through the outlet, while oversized or unwanted particles are discharged separately.

4. Filtering or mesh screens : The filters or mesh screens play a crucial role in the separation process. They come in various sizes and materials, depending on the application and the desired particle size.

Vibro sifters are beneficial in processing bulk materials efficiently and improving product quality by removing oversized or undersized particles. The screening process is quick, and the design of the machine allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Vibro sifters are often used in combination with other equipment such as crushers and mixers, to optimize the entire production process.

Application areas

Vibro sifter systems, also known as vibrating sifters or vibratory sieves, find application in various industries for particle separation and size classification.

1. Pharmaceuticals : Vibro sifters are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry to separate and classify powders and granules during various stages of production, such as API processing, tablet manufacturing, and capsule production.

2. Food Processing : In the food industry, vibro sifter systems are employed to remove impurities and achieve precise particle size distribution in ingredients.

3. Chemicals : Vibro sifters are used in chemical processing to separate particles based on their size and ensure that the end products meet the required specifications.

4. Paints and Coatings : Vibro sifters are utilized to classify and remove oversized particles from paints and coatings to achieve uniformity.

5. Plastics and Polymers : Vibro sifters assist in classifying and separating plastic granules and polymers for various applications, ensuring consistency in the end product.

Water Treatment: In water treatment plants, vibro sifter systems are used for solid-liquid separation to remove particles and impurities from water, improving its quality.

A rotating vibrational sifting system called a "Vibro Sifter" is intended to provide sorting, scaling, and scoring procedures for all applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cement sectors. As a result, this is the complete equipment you need when processing calls for separating, scalping, and grading. The Vibro sifter procedure is intended to carry out isolation, gradient, and scalping tasks when attached to vibratory sifting equipment.

The main principle behind the vibro sifter machines i.e the large screening is done based upon gravitational force and inertial movement the particle of separatory materials are separated among it is easier to separate the metal as non-metallic products which needs to be sifted. The gyratory movement causes the particle moves in the thorough sieve of the screen,once the motor gets energised the particles get separated and sieved through the screen and settle down.

According to the mentioned particle size and its gradient the particle or the product that needs to be separated gets put aside according to the sieve or slit size.the motor which produces the limited acceleration on the gyrated motion helps the overall process.main principle in this particle separator mechanism is to make enough rpm in the gyro motor to produce enough accelerated momentum to produce the gyrated separation enough for the particle size.

The particle travels along the slitted or sieve screens which are there for the separation of the particle in the undergoing separation product. The sieves and screen are according to the particle size which collects the particle at the end due to enough gyration in the mechanism due to the energised motor it's easier to separate many types of media.


Main areas of application for vibro-sifter machines are as follows

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:- Pharmaceutical companies buy bulk orders of these kinds of machines, main usage of these types of machines in these industries are in separating the mentioned sized pallets,capsules,medicinal packaging containers, capsule containers, fillers, and different types of elementary and primary capsule coated carriers

Food Processing Industries:- Rotary and motorised sifters such as vibro sifter is used in food processing industry to separate and contain different sized food packaging products, food making elements,and sachets,food quantity checks an perfect size checks,an vibro sifter uses rotary and screening sifters to differentiate various types of food products based on their size they can separated and contained to overcome overlapping and mixing for eg- differentiating in different sizes of mangoes,apples,almonds and cashews based on their sizes.

Chemical Industries:- In chemical related industries and bio-tech companies which are both closely related, vibro sifter machines are used heavily in these types of industries.where different types of chemical pallets,chemical plastics etc.various indigenous chemical products, fertilisers and any kind of chemical packaging product which needs to differentiated to overcome mixing can be separated and also various types of chemicals amount to different sizes and quantity can be separated by the vibro sifter machines.