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Vibratory Dryer Machine

A vibratory dryer machine also known as a vibratory drying system or vibratory dryer is a type of industrial equipment used to remove moisture from materials through a combination of vibration and heat. It is commonly employed in various industries to dry and separate granular materials. Vibratory dryer machines are commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics and minerals among others. They are particularly useful for drying materials that are difficult to handle using traditional drying methods, especially when a uniform drying result is essential. The use of vibration prevents the materials from sticking to each other and ensures efficient drying without the need for excessive mechanical handling.

The main components include the following -

1. Vibratory Feeder : This is the inlet of the machine, where the wet or damp materials are introduced. The feeder uses vibration to evenly spread the material across the drying area.

2. Drying Chamber : The drying chamber is where the actual drying process occurs. It is equipped with heating elements or a hot air system that provides the required heat to evaporate moisture from the materials.

3. Vibrating Conveyor or Bed : The drying chamber contains a vibrating conveyor or bed on which the materials are kept. The vibration helps to fluidize the material, ensuring even drying and preventing clumping.

4. Discharge Outlet : Once the materials are dried, they are discharged from the machine through an outlet for further processing or packaging.

The working of the dryer machine -

1. Loading of Materials : Wet or moist materials are fed into the vibratory dryer through the vibratory feeder which evenly distributes the materials on the drying conveyor.

2. Drying : As the materials pass through the drying chamber, heat is applied and the vibration of the conveyor keeps the material in constant motion. This movement helps in achieving uniform drying by exposing all particles to the drying medium.

3. Moisture Evaporation : The heat provided in the drying chamber causes the moisture in the materials to evaporate. The heated air or gas carries away the moisture from the material and keeps them dry.

4. Discharge : Once the drying process is complete, the dry materials are discharged from the machine through the outlet.

The process of vibratory finishing is wet. Therefore, components must be adequately dried following any vibro finishing procedure. Drying of wet components is accomplished using our vibratory dryers. Corn cobs and other water-absorbing materials are used to fill the dryer. It contains a heating system to keep the corn cob warm and dry. The wet components enjoy a wonderful wiping motion and stain-free drying when they are tumbled with warm corn cob. Here, a longer processing time improves the components' lustre.