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Spiral Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibro Sepro Systems is an eminent firm specialized in manufacturing vibratory equipment. We prioritize a cost effective and flexible approach, ensuring that our products are customized to meet the specific requirements and preferences of our valued customers. Backed by a proficient team of technical and administrative experts, we operate in a techno commercial capacity, enabling us to provide satisfactory services to our customers.

Product introduction

A Spiral Vibratory Finishing Machine is a specialized type of vibratory finishing equipment used for surface finishing, deburring, polishing and cleaning of various parts and components. It is a variation of the standard vibratory finishing machine, but with a unique design that allows for a different kind of finishing action.

The main characteristic that sets the Spiral Vibratory Finishing Machine apart, is its spiral shaped bowl or chamber. Unlike the traditional round or rectangular vibratory chambers, the spiral design provides a more controlled and gentle tumbling action. The spiral shaped bowl consists of an inclined surface with a central column. The unique design of the Spiral Vibratory Finishing Machine, allows for gentle processing of delicate or sensitive parts, preventing excessive wear during the finishing process. It is particularly useful for finishing parts with intricate shapes, internal cavities.

The actual working of the machine can be explained as below -

1. Loading : The workpieces to be finished are loaded into the spiral bowl along with the appropriate media such as ceramic chips, abrasive stones, or other finishing media.

2. Vibratory Action : When the machine is turned on, the spiral bowl starts to vibrate and rotate. As the bowl rotates, the parts and media move upward along the helical ramp, reaching the highest point in the spiral.

3. Gravity Effect : At the highest point in the spiral, the parts and media experience a controlled free fall or sliding motion back to the bottom of the spiral bowl due to gravity.

Repeating Action : This upward movement and controlled free fall process continue in a continuous spiral motion, providing thorough and consistent surface finishing to the workpieces.

At Vibro Sepro Systems, we have earned a good reputation in the industry for manufactiring and supplying high quality vibratory machines. We have gained this reputation only due to our dedicated and determined work force. We have a skilled team who are experts in their respective fields and are always competant in performing their duties in a manner that our customers get their orders within the scheduled time. At Vibro Sepro Systems, we make use of latest technology in the manufacturing of our products including vibratory machines and hence, we are in position to deliver advanced equipment to our valued customers.

The vibro finishing method comprises rubbing the components with the appropriate media (ceramic, plastic, steel, etc.) while the finishing compound is present for a predetermined amount of time. The bowl of the Spiral vibratory finishing machine is where the components, media, water, and finishing compound are stored. The specific vibratory motor positioned at the system's C.G. produces intense spiral motion of the pieces and media in the bowl. Deburring, descaling, polishing, and other processes are brought about by the relative motion of the components and media. There are various possibilities for separating pieces from media on the Spiral vibratory finishing equipment. The bowl contains a drain for the disposal of old compound and water, as well as a hot-cast polyurethane or natural rubber liner.