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Vibro Sepro Systems is an esteemed firm, with a primary focus on manufacturing and supplying best quality vibratory finishing machines, vibratory deburring machines, vibratory polishing machines,dryer machines and related products. The company was established as a proprietorship concern and we aspire to take the firm to great heights in both domestic and international markets. Recognizing the changing nature of the industry,we have successfully incorporated best practices into local markets, accelerating the growth of the company.

Product introduction

A vibratory finishing machine with automatic separation combines the benefits of vibratory finishing technology with the convenience of automated part media separation. It improves the efficiency, consistency and quality of the finishing process, making it a valuable tool for various industries. The vibratory motion is generated by an vibratory drive system. As the parts and media collide and rub against each other, it helps remove burrs, sharp edges, rust and other surface imperfections. Additionally, it enhances the surface finish and provides a desired aesthetic appearance.

The automatic separation feature of this machine is what sets it apart from conventional vibratory finishing machines. It incorporates mechanisms that facilitate the separation of the finished parts from the media, allowing for efficient and streamlined operation. This feature reduces manual intervention and improves the overall productivity of the finishing process.

The automatic separation can be achieved through various methods, depending on the design of the machine. Some common techniques can be named as vibratory separation technique,screening,magnetic separation and others.

A vibratory finishing machine with automatic separation offers several advantages over traditional manual separation methods.

Advantages -

1. Time saving : Automatic separation eliminates the need for manual sorting and separation of finished parts from the media or abrasive materials which saves a lot of time.

2. Improved efficiency : With automatic separation, the machine can continuously process and separate parts, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted operation which improves overall efficiency.

3. Consistent results : Automatic separation ensures consistent and uniform separation of parts from the media that leads to consistent finishing results across all parts.

4. Enhanced safety : This type of machine eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of injuries and creating a safer working environment.

5. Cost savings : Although initial investment costs may be higher for a vibratory finishing machine with automatic separation, it can lead to long term cost savings.

6. Increased capacity : This type allows for higher processing capacities as the machine can continuously separate finished parts from the media. This makes it suitable for large scale operations where high volumes of parts need to be processed.

Vibratory finishing is a kind of mass finishing manufacturing method used to burnish, polish, brighten, deburr, and radius a lot of relatively tiny workpieces. The workpieces and specifically formed media pellets are inserted into the tub of a vibratory tumbler in this batch-type operation. The vibratory tumbler's tub and every item inside it are subsequently shaken. The media rubs against the workpieces as a result of the vibratory motion, producing the desired outcome. This procedure can be dry or wet, depending on the application.

This method, as opposed to rotational tumbling, can complete internal characteristics like holes. Furthermore, it is quieter and faster. In order for the operator to quickly determine whether the desired finish has been achieved, the procedure is carried out in an open tub.