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Product introduction

The mentioned machine stands as a specialized equipment crucial in the dairy industry for the production of khoya, also referred to as mawa or khoa. This traditional dairy product, undergoes creation from milk via a slow heating process in a large open pan, facilitating the evaporation of moisture and resulting in a concentrated solid mass of milk solids.

The making of this conventional product entails a time intensive procedure, demanding constant stirring to prevent overcooking. In response to this, the specified machine has been successful automating the process. Designed to manage significant volumes, this machine effectively transforms milk into khoya with minimal human involvement.

Typically, the machine comprises of a spacious vessel made from stainless steel or copper, equipped with a heating system. Featuring an integrated stirrer, the vessel ensures consistent movement of milk. Moreover, precise temperature and cooking time control contribute to achieving the desired product consistency and texture.

Making use of this equipment brings forth numerous benefits including heightened productivity, consistent quality output and reduced labor needs. Particularly advantageous for commercial dairy producers and confectionery shops requiring large scale generation of this product.

While the traditional process remains valued for its distinct flavor and texture, this machine offers a practical alternative, aligning with modern production demands.

Key Applications :

The said machine finds extensive utility across various sectors as below :
1. Sweets and Confectionery : This machine serves as a fundamental component in the production of traditional Indian khoya, assisting sweet manufacturers in maintaining consistent product quality and taste.

2. Dairy Processing : The particular instrument is utilized in dairy processing units for converting milk into condensed product for further utilization or commercial distribution.

3. Food Manufacturing : This finished product serves as a valuable ingredient in food manufacturing, contributing to desserts, puddings, ice creams and various other applications.

4. Food Catering : It aids in the preparation of traditional Indian sweets by hospitality firms and food service providers, catering to event demands.

5.Restaurants and Hotels : The machine supports Indian cuisine preparation in restaurants and hotels, enhancing kitchen efficiency.

6. Export Industry : The designated instrument assists in ensuring the authenticity and quality of Indian sweets in international markets through production of khoya.

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