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Vibro Sepro Systems is a reputable and reliable organization in the domain, engaged in the manufacturing, trading and exporting of a collection of high quality Vibratory and Centrifugal Finishing Machines. Our product range includes Vibratory Finishing Machines, Finishing and Ceramic Media, Deburring Machines, Marble and Stone Polishing Machines, Vibratory Bowl Dryers, Burnishing Machines and more. These products are meticulously crafted from best quality components, in line with the latest market trends, under the guidance of our domain experts.

The offerings made at Vibro Sepro Systesm have garnered wide appreciation and demand in the market due to their compact designs, exceptional performance and prolonged functional life. They find applications in various industrial sectors. Furthermore, we ensure that our products are accessible at budget friendly prices.

Product introduction

A centrifugal finishing machine also known as a centrifugal disc finishing machine or centrifugal barrel finishing machine is a type of industrial equipment used for surface finishing, deburring, polishing and cleaning of small to medium sized parts and components. It is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, jewelry and electronics. The machine consists of a rotating barrel that holds the parts to be finished. This rotation creates a centrifugal force that causes the parts inside to move in a circular path. The finishing process occurs as the parts come into contact with abrasive media (such as ceramic, plastic or metal media) and finishing compounds within the barrel. The centrifugal force generated by the machine enhances the grinding, deburring and polishing action on the parts, resulting in a more efficient and uniform surface finishing compared to conventional methods. It can be used for parts made of metal, plastic, ceramic or other materials.

Centrifugal finishing machines come in different sizes and configurations, including -

1. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine consists of a rotating turret holding multiple barrels that rotate around their own axis while also rotating around a central axis.

2. Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine has a rotating disc where the parts are placed. The rotation creates the centrifugal force necessary for finishing.

These machines are programmable, allowing operators to control the speed, direction and processing time to achieve the desired finish on the parts. Centrifugal finishing machines are often chosen for their ability to reduce manual labor, save time and produce consistent and high quality finished parts.

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are typically made up of heavy duty materials like steel or stainless steel. These materials ensure the durability of the machine and ability to withstand the stress and vibrations during the finishing process.

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are used in various industries for surface finishing and polishing applications. A few examples can be cited as follows:

1. Metal and jewelry industry: Centrifugal barrel finishing is widely used for deburring, polishing and finishing metal parts such as automotive components, precision machined parts and jewelry.

2. Medical equipment: Centrifugal barrel finishing is employed to achieve smooth and polished surfaces on medical devices and implants.

3. Electronics industry: It is used for finishing small electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) to improve their performance and appearance.

4. Firearms industry: Centrifugal barrel finishing is used to polish gun components, improving their aesthetics and functionality.

5. Plastics and polymers: The process can be applied to plastic parts to remove burrs, smooth edges and improve surface quality.

6. Automotive industry: Centrifugal barrel finishing is used to finish various automotive parts such as gears, valves and connectors for improved performance and aesthetics.

7. Die casting and foundry: The process is employed to finish and clean castings, removing excess material and improving the surface finish.

High "G" force centrifugal finishing machines were created, especially for smaller components and those that needed lengthy processing times in vibratory finishing machines. Larger machines feature fixed barrels with provision for barrel and turret inching, whereas smaller ones have removable barrels. Straight barrels, inclined barrels, removable barrels (for small machines), variable speeds, media component separators, inching arrangements, rubber/polyurethane linings, conveyors, etc. are some of the alternatives available.

Optional Accessories

The Circular Vibrators can be combined with a variety of accessories and optional features such as sound recording, continuous irrigation system, continuous operation system, pump fluid and disinfectant, paste system and magnetic aspirator. Novagum Srl has a wide range of vibratory spinning machines. The following sections provide detailed information on our range of vibrators.

Centrifugal machines work on the principle of centrifugal false forces also known as pseudo forces, which enable various accessories and implementation practices main usage of these types of finishing machines are they can be used for both deburring and finishing purposes.every centrifugal finishing machine comes with its main motor which can vary from input to output voltage of 220v-290v-1k w wattage power consumption, It's hard to find many efficient deburring and finishing metalloid machines which can process both chemical and non chemical, corroded anti-smudge finishing electroplating finishing direct and in direct contactless deburring, else tumbler based centrifuge which enables static vs non static paint coated finishing where the cathode is the metal surface and anode is the dusted paint or plated paint used by chemical based tumbler in the centrifugal finishing machines.

Main advantages of centrifugal vibratory finishing machines

Easy to use main advantage of such over the counter finishing machines is that they are very easy to handle, using almost all the lubricating pebbles and grindstones for the tumbler and also efficient with surface finishing. Centrifugal deburring and finishing machines use one centripetal motor which enables improved vibrations to remove and corroded or abrasive surface in smooth uniform surface.

Terminal voltage is always lower and fault tolerance and easy to handle maintenance schedule. With many centrifuges coming with tapless or coreless motors which enable long life in long term usage. Many centrifugal vibratory machines enable turning on initial working voltage in bare minimum input voltage. Non corrosion surfaces of the finishing machine enable abrasive coating to be applied on it for more improved fishing results

Intensive burrs and radiusing effectiveness overall handling capacity is high, suitable for mid sized disc plates,mid sized to usual sized deburring process and finding protocols.these type of centrifugal machines are well suited for high velocity deburrs and coated as well as non-coated metal surfaces,even and uniform metal shining capabilities.