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Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

Using centrifugal barrel machines, centrifugal barrel finishing is a high-energy finishing technique. Typically, these weapons consist of two or four separate barrels positioned on the outside of a turret. The barrels rotate in the opposite direction from the turret, providing extremely strong G-forces or pressures as well as significant media sliding action inside the drums. The motion resembles a ferris wheel. A timing belt, V-belts, or chain that runs between the main shaft and the axis of the four barrels is what causes this movement. When in use, the turret rotates rapidly, producing a strong centrifugal force.As a result of the load being compressed into a small mass, the media and parts glide against one another, eliminating burrs and producing a better finish. The pieces are subjected to strong centrifugal energy, which results in short cycle durations.