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We have been a leader in the development and manufacturing of screening machines and vibrating feeders. At Vibro Sepro Systems, our product range covers dry and wet screening machines, serving various applications for different companies. As we look to the future, optical sorting represents a natural progression in our efforts.

With our advanced screening and classifying technology, we are in a position to deliver best quality products and maintain a competitive edge. As a part of Materials Processing segment of Vibro Sepro Systems, we align with a mission to meet customer expectations through value added solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of superior products and prioritizing customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business. At Vibro Sepro Systems,we remain committed to providing safe, reliable and cost effective equipment to enhance return on investment.

Product introduction

A screening machine, also known as a screener or vibrating screen, is a mechanical device used to separate particles or materials based on their size, shape, or other physical properties. It is widely used in various industries including mining, construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food processing and recycling.

The basic principle of a screening machine involves the use of a vibrating motion to pass materials over a screen or mesh surface. The screen has specific openings that allow particles of certain sizes to pass through while larger particles are retained on the surface of the screen. The vibrating motion enhances the separation process by allowing smaller particles to pass through the screen and fall onto a collection area , while the larger particles continue to move along the surface until they are discharged separately.

Screening machines come in various types and configurations, depending on the specific application and the materials being processed.

Some common types of screening machines include -

1. Vibrating Screens : These machines use a vibratory motion to convey and separate materials on a vibrating surface, typically with multiple decks for efficient particle separation.

2. Trommel Screens : Trommel screens are cylindrical drums with perforated screens, rotating to separate materials based on size as they move along the length of the drum.

3. Rotary Screens : Rotary screens use a rotating drum with perforated panels for particle separation ,similar to a trommel screen.

4. Flip Flow Screens : These screens use a flexible screen mat to allow particles to pass through under certain conditions, enabling efficient screening of sticky and difficult to screen materials.

The selection of a specific screening machine depends on the material being processed, the desired particle size distribution, and the throughput requirements of the application. Screening machines are essential for quality control, product grading and efficient processing of bulk materials in various industries.

The deck that holds the screen media and the drive and serves as the vehicle for the vibration are the three main components of a screening machine. The screen medium separates particles. The practicality of screening is based on several physical variables. For instance, the rate of cut is facilitated by vibration, g force, bed density, and material shape. Electrostatic forces can also reduce the effectiveness of screening by inducing water attraction, which can stick or plug, or by generating a charge in very dry material, which attracts it to the screen itself.